Live Smart: Homeowners

Get a BuyWise Energy Assessment and Save

There’s never been a better time to make your home energy-wise. In addition to saving on monthly utility bills, the Ontario Green Investment Fund and your local natural gas utility offers up to $5,000 in rebates towards the cost of qualifying upgrades. A BuyWise Energy Advisor will do a Home Energy Assessment to help identify energy savings opportunities and build an action plan to fit your budget.

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Live Smart: Homeowners

Join the BuyWise Team and Prosper in your Business

By joining our team as an Energy Advisor or by becoming an Energy Advisor, you'll be on the forefront of the latest market demands. With Ontario’s Green Investment Fund, which aims to make homes more energy efficient, your pool of potential clientele becomes almost limitless. By partnering with BuyWise Consulting, you will have a business network that will support you and help you to grow your business.

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Live Smart: Homeowners

Give your Customers the BuyWise Advantage

As a contractor or tradesperson building relationships with homeowners, your advice on the matters of a family’s home is uniquely important to them. When it comes to questions about home energy efficiency, BuyWise Consulting can provide the answers homeowners need in order to make decisions about their budgets for building or renovation projects. Our Energy Advisors can identify potential retrofits.

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