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What to look for when hiring a Registered Energy Advisor

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To keep up with modern trends in energy conservation, Ontario’s proposed mandatory Home Energy Rating and Disclosure Program (“HER&D”) would require an energy audit before a home is listed for sale on a listing service, and require the auditor’s report and energy rating be disclosed in the listing.

What exactly is an energy audit?
An energy assessment is conducted by a Registered Energy Advisor who will look at many facets of the home, and provide subsequent feedback. Energy assessment reports will make recommendations on how to improve the homes consumption of electricity, and an evaluation on how well the home is insulated and sealed, for instance. Current reports can also include recommendations on various home renovations to improve the overall energy rating of the home, and which renovations will qualify the home owner for rebates.

How to Refer Smart
When looking at companies to handle these duties, it’s important to look at their background and their history dealing with these standards, as well as overall experience in the energy rating field. Look for long term experience in the industry, and companies who have stayed ahead of the curve – not who got on board with energy audits strictly because it became mandatory.

About BuyWise
About that, BuyWise can be an all in one solution to your energy assessment needs. Instead of dealing with two contractors that might not even communicate, many of our energy advisors can handle the entire process, including both home inspections and energy ratings, leading to better solutions, more cohesive planning, and a singular view of the problems at hand that can be an invaluable skill when assessing problems. So when some of these regulations come to pass, and you’re required to get homes audited before listing them, be sure to pick a company with a proven track record, and not just a business that has sprung up to fill a gap. Not only will BuyWise have the experience to do the job properly, but they’ll also have the knowledge and know-how to do it properly and in unison with other needed renovations or work. Your clients chose you because they wanted the best, now return the favour and choose the best for them.


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