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By using the BuyWise proprietary NRG-MS® (eNeRGy Management System), you will be able to finish your energy assessments up to 25% faster. That means the opportunity to complete up to 25% more energy assessments and earn up to 25% more revenue. Or spend up to 25% more time with family and friends. The choice is totally yours.

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NRG-MS® allows you to collect field data on Android, Microsoft, or iOS tablets with a stylus, as well as the Samsung Note, or even your smartphone. Collecting data electronically results in less paper and further reduced costs. Less paper leads to less time writing information repeatedly, resulting in fewer errors and increased file accuracy.

NRG-MS® is fully integrated into a cloud back end that efficiently manages files transfers to our office and then to other related parties. The back end is secured behind firewalls and has multiple backups both onsite and offsite, so your data and the client’s data are safer.

NRG-MS® integrates a fully transparent client booking system, so that double bookings are a thing of the past. What you see is what we see, so whether an appointment is booked by our office staff or by you, NRG-MS® ensures that we are all on the same page.

But that is not all. To find out more about all of the advantages of NRG-MS®, join our team. BuyWise developed the software and NRG-MS® is currently only available to energy advisors that work with BuyWise.

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Andrew Energy Advisor Trainee
The BuyWise Energy Advisor training program was a great experience. A lot of this was new information, but Paul breaks everything down into easy to use and learn from modules, videos and presentations. I was given quick and helpful support throughout the training process. I was able to finish the training faster than I expected and felt confident going to work in the field.

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