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Why Becoming an Energy Advisor puts you in the Job of the Future

As a tradesperson or home inspector, you’re already great at using your knowledge and experience to assess problems and advise on the best solutions. Why not use these skills to expand your horizons?

Becoming an Energy Advisor will put you on the forefront of the latest market demands. Ontario’s Green Investment Fund Program, which aims to make homes more energy efficient, your pool of potential clientele becomes almost limitless.

Expand Your Skill Set

Building on the same skills you already possess, you can assist your future customers in getting the most bang for their energy dollar. You’ll do this by assessing usage, identifying potentially wasted energy, and testing how well your customers home holds heat and air. By adding these skills to your portfolio, you’re not only providing an assessment of the physical property, but also the unseen factors that will affect them in the future. Customers will not only appreciate your well-roundedness and the ability to offer a useful service that they may not have even considered, but you’re also future proofing your skill set because by 2019, all new and existing homes will require an energy rating before they can be sold or purchased.


As an advisor, you’ll be trained to give home buyers, builders, and renovators tips and direction to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their home or work. You’ll assess the best materials to maximize air quality and energy efficiency, ensure that the building is performing at its best, and offer suggestions to improve the energy usage of the home with or without mechanical systems.

With all of those aspects combined, you’ll be able to increase the energy effectiveness of the home, saving the homeowners a lot of money in the long future. You’ll be a hero!

As an existing trades person or Home Inspector, you already have many of the required skills. You can simply expand your expertise by training to become an Energy Advisor through a our BuyWiseEA Academy. Your EA Academy will partner with you to help start your business, while preparing you to write the mandatory government exams!

It’s That Simple!

It’s as simple as that. Sure, the idea of writing an exam may seem a little daunting, but once you are registered as an energy advisor, you are adding a valuable tool to your arsenal of customer service. Plus, with the new changes to legislation just around the corner, you’ll be future proofing your career and making sure you’re ready to handle these challenges well ahead of the curve. When the changes come into effect, don’t be standing with your hands in your pockets unprepared; be on the front lines filling in the gaps left by others who did not take their profession as seriously as you do!!!

Are you an experienced trades person interested in becoming an EA? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below with how becoming an EA can enhance your own career. Or click here for more information.


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